TestNG Framework Tutorials Details

All about TestNG Framework Tutorials Details

TestNG is a testing framework for Java which is designed to cater a wide range of testing categories. It can be used for unit tests, functional tests, the end to end tests and integration tests. With its many attractive features, it makes it more user-friendly. These features have made it more popular.

When test automation is gaining momentum, the demand for experts in TestNG framework is increasing. According to many industry watchers and HR experts, the demand for TestNG framework experts will increase in the coming days and the trend will continue for quite some time.

However, there are many TestNG framework tutorials across the world involved in creating more professionals to meet the ever rising demand and this is a blessing for the entire software industry.

Overview of TestNG Framework

TestNG is an open source testing framework and hence it is free to use. No license fee need be paid for using it. Although it has many similarities with JUnit, it is not an extension of JUnit but it is designed with the inspiration from JUnit and NUnit. The attractive features are as follows.

  • Supports Annotations
  • Java and OO features are used largely by TestNG Framework
  • Supports Testing integrated classes and there is no need to create a test class instance for each testing.
  • Runtime configuration is flexible
  • Parallel testing, load testing etc are also supported
  • Supports Multithreaded testing

TestNG Environment

The system should installed with JDK as it is a framework for Java programming language. Other requirements are

JDK 1.5 or above

Memmory No minimum requirement

Disk No Minimum Requirement

Operating System No Minimum Requirement

And the testing includes the following 7 Steps.

  1. Verification of Java Installation in the system
  2. Setting up of Java Environment
  3. Downloading TestNG Archive
  4. Setting up of TestNG environment
  5. Setting up of Classpath Variable
  6. Testing TestNG setup
  7. Verifying the result

When you join any TestNG framework tutorial, you will be provided with TestNG framework videos which depict the entire process in detail. The narration is in simple language and the supporting infographics will help the students to learn the subject easily and effectively.

You should find out the best TestNG framework training program to derive maximum benefit from the training. This is possible if you follow some tips as given under

  • Try to assess the quality of study materials including TestNG framework videos from the samples posted on the official website of the trainer.
  • Try to analyze the approach of the trainer towards training by attending the free webinars and orientation sessions provided.
  • Take a report on the trainer from social media or related open discussion forums.

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