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Selenium Tutorial
In the present day world, the major scare of losing a job due to automation. There are many reasons for preferring automation in all possible sectors by the industries. The main reason is to maintain a certain level of quality. When it is automated, the chances of human error is less. Secondly, automation helps to reduce the volume of workforce and thus reduce the production co...

All About Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE - Details of Selenium IDE
Selenium is one of the most widely used test automation tool in the world for testing web based applications. In reality, selenium is a testing suite which has many components and Selenium IDE is one among them. Selenium Integrated Development Environment is the tool used for developing test cases. It is an easy to use firefox plugin and it is the most efficient tool for develo...

Process of Installing Selenium IDE

How to Install Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a component of Selenium testing suite that allows recording, editing and debugging tests and is implemented as a Firefox Add-on. Installation of Selenium is one of the most important steps in Selenium Testing. Two basic things you require to install Selenium IDE Internet connection Mozilla Firefox Open Firefox ...

Difference between Selenium IDE, RC and WEbdriver

what are the difference between Selenium IDE, RC and WEbdriver
Selenium has become the most sought after test automation tool in the world and more and more developers and test managers are preferring it over other test automation tools. Selenium has many advantages over other tools and some of them are as follows.  Selenium is a free and open source software. This feature reduces the expenditure for testing as no license fee need ...