An Introduction to JUnit Framework

Junit FrameWork - Junit FrameWork an Introduction
From the perspective of software testing, JUnit is a regression testing framework for implementing unit tests in java and also for accelerating programming speed and enhancing the quality of the code. It can be easily integrated with Eclipse, Maven or Ant. JUnit FrameWork Using Assertions An assertion is a statement and all assertions are in assert class. This class has a num...

JUnit Framework Tutorials

All about JUnit Framework Tutorials
JUnit, a unit testing framework for Java programming language plays an important role in the development of test-driven development. This can be used to accelerate the speed of programming and also to improve the quality of code. JUnit framework can be incorporated with Eclipse, Ant or Maven very easily. JUnit framework has earned enormous popularity and hence the demand fo...

All about JUnit Framework

JUnit is a unit testing framework for java programmers which is important for the development of test-driven development. This open source framework, designed by Kent beck and Erich Gamma is being used to write and execute test cases for java programmers. As it is used for the testing web application, the application can be tested without the help of a server. JUnit develops ...