SoapUI Testing; An Overview

When the software testing is being automated everywhere, test automation tools such as SoapUI has good demand. SoapUi is being used for functional testing, web service testing, security testing and load testing. However, it is mostly used for testing web services and in this domain, SoapUI is the most widely used test automation tool across the globe.

The need for testing web services is increasing day by day due to various reasons.

  • The number of users is not assumable and hence the concern for security and scalability is more.
  • There is no UI for web services as in the case of web applications hence manual testing is not possible.
  • The web services may be distributed over the network and may be hosted on different operating systems. Even the environment of deployment also may vary. Here the need to test for availability, security and overall performance is more.

Hence, there is a huge demand for experts in SoapUI as it is the most widely used test automation tool for testing web services. There are many tutorials have come to train more professionals in automated SoapUI testing to meet this increasing need. In such tutorials, other tests such as SoapUI functional testing also will be taught along with web service testing.

There are many challenges in SoapUI Testing and some of them are given below.

  • In order to access the web services, the mandatory certification is needed.
  • A non-technical person will get only a fault response and no reason for the fault will be displayed.
  • It may not be possible for either the developer or the end user to produce tests as there is no visual way to execute tests on an application.
  • SoapUI cannot be used for testing web application as the parameterization is difficult to understand and SoapUi has its own protocol.
  • Compatibility is very less. Many operating systems including Android do not support SoapUI.

However, the latest version SoapUI NG Pro has many added features which help to enhance the functionality of the tool and also make it more efficient. However, the testers need to have a high-level expertise and a professional training to work with this test automation tool.



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