Selenium Webdriver Training course and Contents


Selenium is the world’s most widely used test automation tool and more and more test engineers and developers started preferring it. This resulted in the increased demand for selenium professionals. Excellent job opportunities attracted many ambitious youngsters to this profession, and as a result, several Selenium training courses have come up.

Selenium webdriver is the latest version of the Selenium technology. Like its predecessor, Selenium webdriver is also free, and open source and it is this feature made it more popular in the world. Certainly, there are many other features also such as multi-platform friendly, multi-language compatible, multi-browser friendly, etc. which made it popular. Selenium webdriver became acceptable by a large number of test engineers and developers, and hence many selenium webdriver training courses are available today.

Selenium webdriver online training sessions are most accepted, and popular ones and Selenium webdriver videos will be provided to the trainees as study material. There may be study materials in other formats too. However, selenium videos and Selenium interview questions constitute the major part of study materials.

Trainers will provide chat facility for the trainees to clear off any doubt even the selenium videos are straightforward and easy to learn without the help of a third person. Hence the trainees can learn the subject as if they are sitting in the classroom. Apart from this, all the trainees will get a lifetime access to a community of experts. By actively participating in the group discussions, one can clear off the doubts if any and can exchange new ideas. Contacts made through this community will certainly come for you help in the future when you are searching for an excellent opportunity.

Selenium live project training is a part of selenium webdriver training course. Under this training program, all the trainees will get a chance to work on live projects. This working experience will help the trainees to come across with real life issues which they may face in the future when they are working on live projects as a part of their career. Besides, this will help them to get familiarized with teamwork too.

Selenium Training Course Content

As mentioned earlier, several trainers have come out with Selenium Training online courses. The syllabi of the course will change a bit depending on the priorities of different trainers, but the core of the course will be one and the same. It will be as follows.

  • Selenium IDE Basics
  • Eclipse, JUnit, Selenium RC, ANT
  • Basics of Core Java and JUnit using Selenium Server (Remote Control)
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-1 with core Java programming and JUnit annotations
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-2
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-1
  • Selenium WebDriver Overview
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-2 using Selenium WebDriver
  • Hybrid Framework using WebDriver
  • AJAX, Dynamic Pages, Window Alerts, Pop-Ups
  • Selenium GRID, TESTNG framework implementation, ANT Build
  • Selenium Database Testing
  • Selenium Interview Preparation and Resume
  • Selenium SVN & Maven
  • Selenium Integration with Jenkins

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