All About Selenium IDE

Selenium is one of the most widely used test automation tool in the world for testing web based applications. In reality, selenium is a testing suite which has many components and Selenium IDE is one among them. Selenium Integrated Development Environment is the tool used for developing test cases. It is an easy to use firefox plugin and it is the most efficient tool for developing test cases.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, selenium has become the numero uno test automation tool and hence there is a good demand for experts in selenium. This has increased the demand for selenium training courses. Selenium IDE tutorial is an integral part of selenium training.

Selenium IDE tutorial will start with an introduction to Selenium IDE. Then the course will discuss in detail about selenium IDE download and how to install selenium IDE.Selenium can be downloaded from the Selenium HQ download page using Firefox. Then it can be installed very easily.

Features of Selenium IDE

Menu Bar

The menu bar has options for test cases and test suites using which the test cases can be opened, saved or exported to a language of your choice. There is a provision for opening recent test cases also. The same features are available for test suites also. All these facilities are in File Menu.

If you go to Edit Menu, Options such as copy, paste, delete, undo and select options are available.

Options Menu allows to make changes in settings and Help Menu is the standard Firefox menu.


The toolbar contains a group of buttons to execute the test cases along with a step feature for debugging. And on the right, there will be a red colored button for recording the test.

Other buttons are;

  • Speed Control
  • Run All
  • Run
  • Pause/Resume
  • Step
  • Test Runner Mode
  • Apply Rollup Rules

Test Case Pane

The test script will be displayed in the test case pane which has two tabs. The first tab is to display the commands and parameters in a readable format while the other one will display the test case in the native format in which it is stored.

Log/Reference/ UI Element/ Rollup Pan

This button pane is used to perform four different functions such as log, reference, UI element and roll up.

All these will be taught in Selenium IDE tutorial before teaching how to run the test cases. The selenium videos provided as study materials will contain the test processes step by step so that the students can learn the process very easily.

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