Selenium IDE Basics

Selenium is an open source web application testing software which is developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. It is a robust set of tools which supports huge development of test automation for web applications. Selenium IDE is Integrated Development Environment which is installed as a plugin on Firefox and it allows developers to test their web applications through Selenium.

What is Selenium IDE?

  • It basically Copy Cat
  • Whatever you do in Firefox browser, it copies the steps and repeats them
  • It records the steps and finally run the steps

Simply, it is a robust IDE that radically simplifies and automates the QA testing process. The best part of using Selenium IDE is that user not required to possess knowledge on programming language. It supports a wide range of languages including Java, Python, C#, Ruby, and PHP. Once you install the Selenium IDE, and then restart your Firefox. Now check main Firefox options menu, Add Ons à Extensions, you will see the below cluster of following plugins

  • Selenium IDE: Ruby Formatters
  • Selenium IDE: Python Formatters
  • Selenium IDE: Java Formatters
  • Selenium IDE: C# Formatters

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