What is Selenium 3.0?

This selenium 3.0 mainly target’s on mobile uses. Selenium projects are introducing suite of tests to facilitate interoperability between many different projects. They are also extending with the Web driver API to also confront with mobile. To enable this suite developers from projects like Appium, ios-driver, selendroid are working hard enough.
In order to make the technology behind selenium more stable and capable as possible a lot of background work has to be done by the selenium projects, resulting in the removal of the core selenium that are originally implemented. And therefore there we’ll b condemn of RC and APIs too. Though they are removed the old versions are still available as a separate download.
Selenium projects are providing alternate runners for those who are exporting your tests from IDE and HTML suites to continue running those tests too. But once there is a release of selenium 3.0 there no longer available of these “Webdriver – backed” RC implementation.

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