Process of Installing Selenium IDE

How to Install Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a component of Selenium testing suite that allows recording, editing and debugging tests and is implemented as a Firefox Add-on. Installation of Selenium is one of the most important steps in Selenium Testing.

Two basic things you require to install Selenium IDE

  • Internet connection
  • Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox and visit the following link

  • Go to Selenium IDE section and then click on the link that shows the current version of Selenium.
  • A security notification will appear and click on “Allow” button.
  • Click on “Install” button after firefox completes the download.
  • Wait till the completion of installation and click on “Restart” as soon as the installation is completed.

Selenium IDE can be launched in two different ways after Firefox has restarted.

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + S


  1. Click on Firefox Menu button, then click on “Web Developer” and then click on “Selenium IDE”

As mentioned earlier, installation of Selenium IDE is the most important step in selenium testing as you need to create an integrated development environment for executing tests. Hence, more importance is given to this part in all selenium tutorials.

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