Selenium Webdriver an Introduction

selenium webdriver introduction
Software testing has a history dating back to the time when the first software application was developed. The testing was done manually in those days. Later, software development experienced many technical advancements and the applications developed have become capable of handling multiple and more complex functions. At this stage, manual testing proved to be insufficient and i...

QTP Fundamentals

QTP Fundamentals - Details of QTP Fundamentals
QTP Fundamentals We are living in an era where automation is the keyword to success. Efforts are going on to bring in automation in almost all areas, it is very popular in software testing. At present, we have many test automation tools which facilitate automation of different types of tests. Out of the many such test automation tools QTP has become one of the most trusted a...

Know More about Selenium Webdriver

Selenium Webdriver
Know More about Selenium WebDriver At a time when software applications have become the essential part of modern day life, the importance of software testing has increased. When the entire IT industry is looking towards automation to reduce production cost and to enhance the quality of the product, more and more developers and test managers are preferring test automation. ...

Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver

Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver - Selenium Tutorials
When testing a software there are instances where two or more components will have to work concurrently and parallel with each other. When you automate the test, there are two components such as the software application that is to be tested and the test automation tool that is used for executing the test. Both these components will have their own speed and the test scripts s...