How to Master Selenium Testing Technology

Selenium Testing

Selenium, an open source test automation tool has gained popularity and wide acceptance within a short span of time and now it is one of the most widely used test automation tool in the world. It is mainly used to test web based applications. At a time when more and more web-based applications are being developed, the demand for Selenium experts are increasing constantly and there are many Selenium Training courses to help ambitious people to learn the technology.

To master Selenium technology is not so easy. You will have to identify the best trainer in Selenium automation. When you browse the internet, you will come across with many selenium tutorials. You can follow the below-given steps to identify the best trainer.

  • Professional trainers will upload sample Selenium videos on their website to help the would-be trainees to assess the quality of study material. You can have a look at it to get an idea.
  • Professional trainers will organize free orientation sessions frequently to create awareness among the would-be trainees. You should attend such sessions to get an idea about the approach of the trainer towards training.
  • Selenium free webinar is another occasion to assess the competence of a trainer. Participate in webinars if you get a chance.
  • Take the help of social media or related open discussion forums to know more about the trainer and his or her training.

If you follow these steps, you certainly will get a good trainer. When you start your training, you will be provided with Selenium videos as study materials. These videos depict each step of the testing process with relevant infographics. Hence, you will not need a third person to teach the subject. Still, most of the highly professional trainers will give you chat facility to clear your doubts if any.

Learning the theory alone will not make you a master in Selenium but you should do live projects to get familiarized with the technology and the testing procedures. Most of the professional trainers will certainly provide you a chance to work on Selenium live projects. Selenium testing live training is an integral part of almost all Selenium Tutorials and this is aimed at helping trainees to gain practical knowledge.

As in the case of any other technology, Selenium is also getting updated regularly and you should be aware of the latest versions. When you join for a selenium testing training online course, you will be provided with a lifelong access to a community of experts. You can get yourselves updated by actively participating in the community discussions. Thus, you can master Selenium Technology easily if you are dedicated and if you are ready to work hard.

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