Why Learn Selenium

Experience the software automation testing framework for different web applications using selenium.
The real world championship drives us to initiate new methods and processes towards training improvements.
Selenium is used for automating web applications and is a portable software testing tool. Interaction, performance and its execution speed is excessively very fast rather than any other automation tool. The main asset of this tool is to provide a test domain specific language (selenese) to write in most popular programming languages likewise Java, c#, Groovy, pearl, Python, Ruby and PHP.
Selenium is an open source software released under Apache 2.0 license and be downloaded for free of cost. This selenium mainly got advanced in 2004 by Jason Huggins as an internal tool. Later became ‘selenium REMOTE Control ‘(RC) with some advancement. In the year 2007 when got mingled with Google it became as selenium wed driver selenium 2.0.
The main added advantage of using selenium, can be operated from various operating systems it deploys on Windows, Linux, Macintosh platforms.
Selenium online training:
Online trainings are provided to learn selenium. One can easily gain knowledge with the training provided by the real time experts with the latest updates in the technology. These online training courses are providing job placement assessment for propagating only the best insightful students with multiple skills to compete with today’s world.

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