Know More about Selenium Components

At a time when software applications are gaining importance in our day to day life, software testing has become more important. In the early years of software development, the tests were carried out manually. Manual testing has become inefficient and insufficient as the applications have become more complex. Besides, manual testing consumes a lot of time and it is expensive too as the manpower required is very huge.

At this juncture, many test automation tools have been invented. Selenium, one of the test automation tool which has been developed originally in 2004 has become the most widely used test automation tool for testing web based applications.

Selenium has many advantages over other test automation tools which made it the numero uno among the test automation tools.

  • Selenium is an open source tool and hence there is no need to pay either the license or the maintenance fee. Hence the testing costs can be reduced considerably.
  • Selenium is compatible with multiple browsers and multiple operating systems. Hence, people familiar with different browsers and OS’s can use Selenium.
  • Selenium supports many programming languages and this feature helps persons with expertise in different languages to work with selenium.
  • Selenium is easy to learn and is highly user friendly.
  • Selenium executes tests faster than many commercial testing tools.

Selenium is a testing suite comprising of different components and now let us look into the different components.

Selenium components

  • Selenium IDE or Integrated Development Environment
  • Selenium RC or Remote Control
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium Grid

What is Selenium IDE

This is the integrated development environment for executing tests using selenium. It is a Firefox plugin which can be downloaded and installed easily.

What is Selenium RC

Selenium RC or Remote Control is a server which will communicate with the browser. It is quite simple to install and easy to work with it, but it cannot be used for complex tests because of its simplicity. This was the first version of Selenium and it used to be called as just “Selenium” till the arrival of the latest version.

What is Selenium Webdriver

Selenium Webdriver is the replacement of Selenium RC in the latest version. It can communicate directly with the browser and hence can execute tests faster than RC. However, the installation of Selenium Webdriver is rather a complicated process when compared with Selenium RC and Selenium IDE

Selenium Grid

Selenium grid is the selenium components that helps to execute multiple tests concurrently. It has a centralized hub and one or more modules. Tests will be recorded in the hub and the execution will be carried out in different modules.

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