Know More About Selenium Grid

Software Industry is registering a consistent growth with many new areas being computerized. As you know, whenever a new area is being computerized, there is a need for new software applications to perform new functions.

In the early years of software development, the applications were being developed for performing simple functions but as the time passed more and more complex software applications became necessary to perform more complicated functions. At this juncture, software testing has earned enormous significance and manual testing became irrelevant due to different reasons.

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, the necessity to conduct software tests perfectly and fast ended in the invention of many software testing tools. These test automation tools reduced the time consumption for the tests and also reduced the expenditure for it.

Of many such test automation tools, Selenium became more popular and widely accepted with its many attractive features. Selenium is a test suit with many components and Selenium grid is one among them. If someone asks “what is Selenium Grid”, you can say that it is one of the components of selenium testing suite, which facilitates running multiple tests at a time on different platforms, browsers and machines. This facility helped to reduce the time consumption and the load io machines by distributing tests to different machines. These are the two major advantages of selenium grid.

Selenium grid basically contains two elements, hub and nodes. When you start working with selenium grid, you should set up the hub first and then connect it to the nodes. Thus, the hub can communicate with different nodes and execute multiple tests.

In all selenium testing training courses, the trainers will teach you about selenium grid in detail. It includes selenium grid installation. Selenium videos provided as study materials when you join in a selenium tutorial will depict this part in detail with the help of supporting infographics. Selenium grid will be discussed detailedly in selenium interview questions also. Even, the selenium live project training, which is a practical session where all trainees will have to work on live project with the trainer and some other selenium experts as a team will help the trainees to know about selenium grid in detail.

As the software industry is thriving with new opportunities, there is a huge demand for selenium experts and it is the right time to pursue selenium testing training course to take a leap in your career.

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