Master in Selenium?

Automation is the art of learning how to automate a specific system. Automation means taking a system that was working manually and converting it into something that does it automatically with lesser effort. For this purpose, there are many automation testing tools available. One of the popular tools is QTP, which has been for a long time and has a huge market. QTP + VB script is a very popular tool that people go and prefer.

Selenium is most recent and one of the reasons for its popularity is it is “open source” and there is no license fee for it. Lot of people who are already in the software testing world know how Selenium testing is an add-on for testing that we do and it will make job easier for manual testing engineers worldwide.

Selenium is built to handle the web based applications. It is able to record, run and so on. And another factor is that it supports many programming languages. These are the few reasons why Selenium quickly picked up in the market. There are also several tools which are open source and which support various programming languages, but with Selenium, one can meet project deadlines with low budget, and can deliver quality goals.

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