Everything You Should Know about Selenium – Selenium Tutorial

Selenium is a free and open source test automation suit used for testing web based applications. Many attractive features selenium possesses made it the most favorite testing tool of test managers and developers around the world. This has increased the demand for selenium testers and many selenium tutorials have come up to produce more selenium professionals across the globe.

At this juncture, it will be better to know more about selenium, which may help you to take a right decision about your future.

As mentioned earlier, selenium is a test automation suite with many components. Components of selenium are as follows.

Selenium IDE

IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a Firefox plugin that helps to record and playback the tests.

Selenium RC

Selenium RC or Selenium Remote Control is a testing framework that permits more than simple browser activities and linear execution. It makes use of all supported programming languages and create even complex tests.

Selenium Webdriver

Selenium webdriver replaced selenium RC in the latest version. Unlike in the case of Selenium RC which needed a server to communicate with the browser, Selenium Webdriver communicates with the browser directly. It can send commands directly to the browser and retrieve results. Thus it made the testing process a less time consuming process.

Selenium Grid

Selenium grid is used to run parallel tests across different browsers and machines to reduce the time consumption for tests.

Advantages of Selenium

  • Selenium is free and open source and there is no need to pay either for the license or for maintaining. Hence the cost of testing can be reduced considerably.
  • Multi-browser compatible and multi-platform compatible.
  • Supports many programming languages and one need not learn a specific programming language if he or she is comfortable with any of the programming languages supported by selenium.
  • Running parallel testings is possible to reduce the total time consumed for testing.
  • Execute test faster than many commercial tools including QTP.
  • Selenium is highly user friendly and easy to learn

Disadvantages of Selenium

  • Selenium can be used to test only web based applications and not desktop applications or mobile applications.
  • No built in object repository in Selenium
  • Controls within the browser cannot be accessed.
  • There is no test report generation by default
  • No official technical support as it is a free software

Selenium Tutorial

In the beginning of the article it has been mentioned about the career prospects for selenium experts. Because of the vast opportunities more and more people are pursuing selenium training programs and many selenium online tutorials have come up to cater to the increasing demand for the course.

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