Difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver

Selenium is the undisputed leader among the test automation tools in the world. Selenium is a test automation suite which contains many components such as Selenium IDE, Selenium Client API, Selenium RC (Remote Control) etc. When the latest version of selenium, Selenium 2.0 was introduced, selenium RC has been replaced with Selenium webdriver.

Both Selenium webdriver and RC permits you to use a programming language of your choice to write test scripts and both allow you to use a browser of your choice as they are multi-language and multi-browser compatible. Then what is the difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver?

Major difference between these two components lies in their architecture. The architecture of Selenium RC is a bit complicated. You need to launch a program called selenium RC server before starting the tests when you use Selenium RC. Selenium RC acts as a middleman between the selenium commands and the browser.

At the same time, Selenium webdriver controls the browser from the OS level and all you need is to start testing are the IDE of the programming language and a browser. Besides, Selenium webdriver is faster than RC as it speaks directly to the browser but Selenium RC develops contact with the browser through a javascript program called Selenium core. which is a bit slow.

Secondly, Selenium webdriver interact with the page elements in more realistic way. If you have a disabled text box on the page you are testing, it cannot add a value to that. At the same time selenium core can access disabled elements too.

There are several other differences which requires a thorough knowledge of Selenium technology to understand it completely. Selenium webdriver tutorials will deal with all these issues elaborately and will go in depth during selenium webdriver live project training.

However, in totality we can say that the selenium webdriver is more user friendly than the RC and it takes lesser time to complete the test processes, when compared to using Selenium RC.

Even then, RC cannot be neglected as it may be needed to conduct some specific tests. For example, selenium webdriver may not be able to communicate with a new browser as the webdriver operates in OS level and different browsers communicate with OS in different ways.

Now, coming to the major uses of Selenium webdriver, we can say without doubt that selenium webdriver helps to ease the test automation of web based applications and it provides maximum level of perfection and precision in test results.

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