Selenium RC and Webdriver

Difference Between Selenium RC and Webdriver

Selenium IDE is very limited in its capacity.  With Selenium IDE, you can do basic record or basic run. But to do anything kind of frameworks like testing same set of test cases repeatedly for changing sense of data, to put conditions, to generate reports, create functions as reusable components, we need Selenium RC(Remote Control) or Selenium Server. As we have lot of requirements, we need to get into the programming level where in knowledge on programming is enough.

This programming will enhance those tests and let them decide what to do on the application. For these languages to run and give instructions, they need something in between which is called selenium server. Simply, the instructions are given to middle man called selenium server through programming language. Selenium RC is great for testing complex AJAX-based web user interfaces under a continuous integration system. It is ideal for users of Selenium IDE who wish to write tests in a programming language.

Selenium Web-Driver is a recent invention after Selenium RC. It is excellently designed to provide support for dynamic web pages. It makes direct calls to the browser.

Both Selenium RC and WebDriver have following features:

  • They use programming language in designing your scripts
  • They both allow to run your tests against various browsers

WebDriver is faster than Selenium RC as it has very simple architecture. Also, it directly communicates with browser whereas Selenium RC requires the help of the RC server to communicate.

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