How to Configure Selenium Webdriver with Eclipse

As the software testing career became a flourishing one, many software professionals working in other domains in the industry started switching over to testing career. Courses such as Selenium training online helped them to realize their dream of making a bright future in software testing career.

Since there are different types of testings and testing tools, it may be difficult to learn every one of them. Hence, most of the training providers are offering courses on each tool. Selenium being the most widely used test automation tool for testing web based applications, there is a rush for Selenium training tutorials.

Anybody with a basic knowledge about software applications and proficiency in any or the programming languages supported by Selenium can apply for the course. However, there are several courses such as Selenium training with Java which help non-programmers to learn Selenium testing . In such courses, the corresponding programming language also will be taught along with Selenium.

As you are already aware, Selenium can be integrated with different IDE’s and other test automation tools for enhancing its performance. Configuring Selenium webdriver with Eclipse is one such process to improve the functionalities of Selenium Such topics will usually be taught in advanced Selenium training courses with the help of Advanced Selenium videos in which the steps to integrate with different tools and IDE’s will be depicted along with the selenium testing processes step by step.

How to configure Selenium Webdriver with Eclipse is a simple process which is consisting of five steps.

  1. Installation of Java software development kit or JDK is the first step. Usually JDK comes along with Java Runtime Environment or JRE and hence there is no need to install JRE separately.
  2. Downloading and installation of Eclipse IDE will be completed in the second step.
  3. In the third step, Selenium Java client driver will be installed.
  4. Now, click on the Exe. file in the Eclipse folder after going to Drive C. When you will be asked to create a workspace, either you can select the default workspace or can create a new one in Drive C.
  5. It is ready to work and writing codes can be started.

This process will be taught in Advanced Selenium Webdriver training courses and it will be included in the Advanced Selenium Live Project training which is a part of the tutorial so that the trainees will have more practical experience in this.

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