How to Handle Iframes in Selenium

Handling Iframes in Selenium - SeleniumeLearn
Before talking about Handle Iframes in Selenium, you should know what is Iframes. What is Iframe? A web page or an HTML document embedded inside another web page or HTML document is called as a frame. An iframe is usually used to insert contents from other sources to a website. How to Identify the Iframe Frames cannot be detected just by seeing the page or by inspecting ...

Incorporating Robot API with Selenium

Using Robot API with Selenium
Selenium has become the world’s leading test automation tool for testing web based applications and the performance of selenium can be enhanced by incorporating many other tools and add-ons. For example, in some selenium tests, there is a need to use keyboard or mouse to interact with pop-up windows, alerts etc. Selenium webdriver cannot handle this but it can do it if it is ...

Details about Desired Capabilities in Selenium

"All about ""Desired Capabilities in Selenium "
When we start talking about desired capabilities in Selenium, the first question that arises in your mind will be what is desired capability. As you know, different test scenarios should be conducted in different environments such as web browser, mobile device, mobile simulator, mobile emulator etc. Desired capabilities class tells the webdriver about the environment that is ...

Process of Installing Selenium IDE

How to Install Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a component of Selenium testing suite that allows recording, editing and debugging tests and is implemented as a Firefox Add-on. Installation of Selenium is one of the most important steps in Selenium Testing. Two basic things you require to install Selenium IDE Internet connection Mozilla Firefox Open Firefox ...