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Selenium Components : An Overview Tutorial
At a time when software applications are gaining importance in our day to day life, software testing has become more important. In the early years of software development, the tests were carried out manually. Manual testing has become inefficient and insufficient as the applications have become more complex. Besides, manual testing consumes a lot of time and it is expensive too...

Top 10 Selenium FAQs

Selenium FAQs - Top 10 Selenium FAQs
Selenium has become the most widely used test automation tool in the world and hence the demand for selenium experts has increased enormously in the recently. The demand is increasing consistently and many selenium tutorials have come up to help the aspirants who are eager to make a good career in software testing. Selenium training courses are receiving an overwhelming resp...

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Selenium Tutorial-Details of selenium and Tutorials Online
Selenium is a free and open source test automation suit used for testing web based applications. Many attractive features selenium possesses made it the most favorite testing tool of test managers and developers around the world. This has increased the demand for selenium testers and many selenium tutorials have come up to produce more selenium professionals across the globe. ...

Course Details of Online Selenium Training With C#

online selenium training with C#
Selenium does not need an introduction, especially for those who are working in the software sector or those who are pursuing courses related to software. It has achieved the status of the most widely used test automation tool in the world. Selenium has many advantages over its competitors. It is free and an open source and is compatible with multiple platforms and browsers....