Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver

Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver - Selenium Tutorials
When testing a software there are instances where two or more components will have to work concurrently and parallel with each other. When you automate the test, there are two components such as the software application that is to be tested and the test automation tool that is used for executing the test. Both these components will have their own speed and the test scripts s...

What is Selenium Test Life Cycle?

What is Selenium Test Life Cycle
After the introduction of Selenium, software testing has become less risky and less difficult. Selenium has many attractive features which make it highly user friendly. At the same time it is very easy to learn also. The entire process of software testing using Selenium is called as Selenium Test Life Cycle and this article discuss various phases in that life cycle. Selenium...

Details of Selenium Test Life Cycle

Selenium Test Life Cycle - An Overview
Software testing has occupied the front stage and has emerged as one of the most promising professions today. Software testing has enormous importance as even a minor defect can cause great havoc and end up in severe losses. Yesteryear's practice of manual testing has been dominated by automation after the invention of many test automation tools and Selenium became the numer...

An Introduction to Selenium Tutorial

Selenium Tutorial : An Introduction
Selenium has become the most widely used test automation tool in the world and at a time when software industry is thriving, there are very good opportunities for software testers who have experience in Selenium. Sensing a rush for Selenium courses, many Selenium experts have started Selenium tutorials. Most of them are selenium online training programs. As you all are aware...