Why Selenium – A brief About Selenium

Why Selenium -Features,Use,Architecture,Future of Selenium
We are living at a time when software applications are used extensively to perform many day to day functions. Each and every software application should be tested thoroughly not only before releasing but also even after the release In other words, the significance of software testing has increased in the present day like never before and it has increased the demand for software...

TestNG Framework an Overview

TestNG FrameWork - Details of TestNG FrameWork
TestNG is a testing framework for java programming language and it is widely used for unit testing, functional testing, an end to end testing and integration. It has many powerful features which make testing easier and effective. This is why it is called as TestNG where the letters “NG” denote “Next Generation”. It is an open source framework and no license or for maintenance f...

An Introduction to JUnit Framework

Junit FrameWork - Junit FrameWork an Introduction
From the perspective of software testing, JUnit is a regression testing framework for implementing unit tests in java and also for accelerating programming speed and enhancing the quality of the code. It can be easily integrated with Eclipse, Maven or Ant. JUnit FrameWork Using Assertions An assertion is a statement and all assertions are in assert class. This class has a num...

All About Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE - Details of Selenium IDE
Selenium is one of the most widely used test automation tool in the world for testing web based applications. In reality, selenium is a testing suite which has many components and Selenium IDE is one among them. Selenium Integrated Development Environment is the tool used for developing test cases. It is an easy to use firefox plugin and it is the most efficient tool for develo...