Using of Selenium With Python

As you all are aware, Selenium is the most widely used test automation tool in the world. Selenium has many advantages over other test automation tools and one of them is the compatibility with multiple programming languages. Selenium supports many popular programming languages including Java, C#, PHP, Ruby and Python. Python is an object oriented language and designed as an...

How to find broken links using Selenium webdriver

Find Broken links using Selenium Webdriver
As we all know, Selenium is the number one test automation tool for testing web based applications. Selenium webdriver is the latest addition to the selenium test suite and it has made working with selenium easier. As the demand for selenium experts has increased, many selenium tutorials have come up to create more selenium professionals. In this part of the tutorial, we wil...

Introduction to Selenium IDE

Introduction to Selenium IDE - Selenium IDE Tutorials
During the early years of software development, manual testing was common to test the developed software applications. This became insufficient when the software applications started becoming more complex. Besides, manual testing consumes a lot of time and it increases the cost for testing as huge manpower has to be engaged.   At this juncture, many test automation t...

System Testing an Overview

System Testing - An Overview, Software testing Tutorials
Software testing is a challenging job as it involves many types of testing and many test automation tools. Only a person who knows about various types of testings and the use of various test automation tools can master the art of software testing. System testing is one type of software testing and this article discusses various aspects of system testing. What is System Testing...