Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver

Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver - Selenium Tutorials
When testing a software there are instances where two or more components will have to work concurrently and parallel with each other. When you automate the test, there are two components such as the software application that is to be tested and the test automation tool that is used for executing the test. Both these components will have their own speed and the test scripts s...

How to Configure Selenium Webdriver with Eclipse

Configure Selenium Webdriver with Eclipse - Selenium Tuts
As the software testing career became a flourishing one, many software professionals working in other domains in the industry started switching over to testing career. Courses such as Selenium training online helped them to realize their dream of making a bright future in software testing career. Since there are different types of testings and testing tools, it may be diffic...

What is Selenium Test Life Cycle?

What is Selenium Test Life Cycle
After the introduction of Selenium, software testing has become less risky and less difficult. Selenium has many attractive features which make it highly user friendly. At the same time it is very easy to learn also. The entire process of software testing using Selenium is called as Selenium Test Life Cycle and this article discuss various phases in that life cycle. Selenium...

Significance of Selenium Training with Java Course

Selenium Training with Java - Significance of Selenium
The significance of test automation is gearing up at a time when cost optimization is a much talked about subject. It reduces the test costs considerably and thus the organizations are able to sell the product for a lesser price. This is really a plus point in a market which is highly competitive.  Besides this, implementation of the most advanced technology will ensure maximum...