Advantages of Performance Testing Using Selenium

Benefits of Performance Testing using Selenium

The software industry is thriving today and became the most profit-making sector in the world. At a time when the entire world is moving towards digitization, the need for more software applications will certainly rise in the future which will help the software industry to grow more.

As in the case of any production process, testing is an integral part of software development also. Of many tests performed on software, performance testing has more significance as it is aimed at ensuring proper performance in terms of responsiveness and stability under a specific workload. It can be used to evaluate many other quality attributes such as scalability, reliability etc too.

In the early stages performance testing, like any other software testing has been done manually and later many test automation tools have been invented. Selenium is one of the test automation tools used widely across the world and load and performance testing using Selenium has become a common practice among the testers. There are many advantages for performance testing using selenium. Selenium is mostly used for testing web applications.

  • Selenium is a free and open source software hence there is no need to pay the license fee. There is a vast community of selenium experts which will provide technical support at any given point of time. Hence, there is no maintenance cost also involved in using selenium.
  • Performance testing using selenium can be run in multiple browsers and hence people who are comfortable with different browsers can execute testing.
  • While doing load and performance testing using selenium, you can use a programming language in which you are comfortable since Selenium supports multiple programming languages. No need to learn any specific language to use selenium.
  • Selenium has no restrictions with any testing frameworks or test management tools. It can be incorporated with different tools and thus the overall performance can be enhanced.
  • Different platforms can be used for performance testing using Selenium hence professionals comfortable with different platforms can work with selenium.

Apart from these advantages, selenium is highly user-friendly and very easy to learn also. Thus, most of the testers are performing load and performance testing using selenium across the globe. You can learn the processes of testing using selenium in any selenium tutorial. Selenium videos provided as a part of the course will depict the entire process of load and performance testing using selenium step by step with the help of relevant infographics.

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